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The Year Of Return Monument

They year of return monument was unveiled by the Former Minister for Tourism, Hon.Barbara Oteng Gaisie in Anomabo.

The monument was built  in commemoration  of the return of Africans from the diaspora after 400years to their Motherland.

Our fathers were sold  into slavery from African countries like

Gambia, Mozambique, Sierra Leone, Senegal,Gold Coast to Jamestown, Virginia.

The statues depicts how Africans  are returning from the diaspora to their motherland Africa .

This the reason for the statue with their back facing the fort and the sea whilst they march ahead with their families and luggage’s signifying their return to Ghana from Europe.


The platform these  statues are built upon is made up of the Ghana Map which was designed by Mr Ekem Ferguson representing our Motherland,Ghana.


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How Boti falls was discovered

One of the most visited tourist destinations in Ghana is the Boti waterfalls situated  in the Eastern Region of Ghana.This tourist destination gained its popularity after the Dr kwame Nkrumah visited thatOrigin of the name BotiHave you ever wondered the meaning of the name Boti or why this beautiful waterfall was named Boti?Well, this write up is not just going to reveal to us the reason behind the name Boti. It is also going to give an in depth analysis of how the waterfall was discovered.Boti Falls is an expression in the Akan Language, Twi, meaning: "Ԑboͻ No Ti" to wit, "the head of the stone."The Falls was discovered by a cocoa farmer named Nene Tetteh Moah in the year 1906 whilst he was returning from the farmMr. Tetteh was excited about his discovery.  Upon returning home, he met a Roman Catholic Priest who was a foreigner. The priest asked him why he seemed so elated  .The cocoa farmer narrated his discovery to the priest and afterwards sent him to the Falls to have a look at it.The Catholic Priest out of curiosity and excitement asked the cocoa farmer the source of the water as he was fascinated by it. Unfortunately, due to language barrier that stemmed from lack of education during that era, Nene Tetteh Moah could not express him self to the Priest in the Queen’s Language hence mumbling an answer in Twi that “Ԑfiri boͻ no ti” meaning “the water gushed out from the ‘head’ of the river.”The Priest thrown into a state of confusion but poised to repeat Mr. Moah’s words ended corrupting such words into Boti. And, that was how the name "Boti" came into being.So the next time you hear Boti, just know that it is supposed to mean the head of the stoneSource Of the waterfallThe main source of the waterfall is from a town called Ahinkwa situated 25 miles from the Falls. Before the water gets to the Boti Waterfalls, it crosses through 45 communities; serving as their main source of water for washing, cooking and drinking.The river further joins River Pompom which is the water at the falls.Three (3) kilometers from River Pompom, you have Aka Falls which is another waterfalls.The water from the Akaa Falls flows to Akosombo further joining the Lake Volta.Myth has it that the waterfall on the right hand is the male whilst the one on the left hand is the female hence anytime they mate a rainbow is formed. Well, you probably need to visit it to see it for yourself .Boti definitely needs to be a part of your bucket list
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History On Fort William (Anomabo)

Fort William, located in Anomabo, a serene calm and collected area close to the Central Region of Region with the inhabitants mostly fisherfolks.Fort Williams is one of the most prominent tourist attractions you should visit when you’re in anomabo due to historic background of the fort .The fort was built by the English purposely for slave business .Unlike other forts and Castles where  the intention was for other business purposes, This fort was purposely built for slave business.The Anomabo township was a trans-Atlantic slave stoppage point for slave business, hence making this fort one of the highest transporting enslaves Africans along the coast with about millions of slaves being transported to the new plantation world.Because Anomabo was influential or dominated to slave business and it was a Trans Atlantic stoppage point, they had the Dutch, the English and French colonial masters around the township.A lot of merchandise could be found here during the colonial era because it was a slave centered area and most colonial mastered lived around .Most forts and Castles have churches where slaves could pray to God but unfortunately that wasn’t the case in Fort Williams .This is how inhumane our forefathers were treated and sold out into slavery.
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The Year Of Return Monument

They year of return monument was unveiled by the Former Minister for Tourism, Hon.Barbara Oteng Gaisie in Anomabo.The monument was built  in commemoration  of the return of Africans from the diaspora after 400years to their Motherland.Our fathers were sold  into slavery from African countries likeGambia, Mozambique, Sierra Leone, Senegal,Gold Coast to Jamestown, Virginia.The statues depicts how Africans  are returning from the diaspora to their motherland Africa .This the reason for the statue with their back facing the fort and the sea whilst they march ahead with their families and luggage’s signifying their return to Ghana from Europe. The platform these  statues are built upon is made up of the Ghana Map which was designed by Mr Ekem Ferguson representing our Motherland,Ghana.
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Some facts you need to know about Wli waterfall

Wli  waterfalls is the  highest waterfall in West AfricaIt’s situated in the Volta Region of Ghana specifically the Hohoe Municipality. The local name for this waterfall is “Agumatsa” meaning Allow me to flow.The distance from the waterfall is approximately 280 kilometers from Greater Accra and 20 kilometers from the Hohoe township .Wli waterfall comprises of a lower and upper plunge measuring 143 meters from the upper to the lower plunge.The lower part is known as the “fall proper” while the upper section is called “upper course”Before getting to the lower section of the waterfall, You need to hike for about 40 minutes(depending on how quick the individual is)through an indigenous forest shaded by tall trees on both sides of the path.This forest is called the “Agumatsa wildlife sanctuary” where you actually get to see some beautiful animals such as baboons, monkeys, butterflies, and a colony of bats clinging to the cliffs of the mountain and flying off into the clear skies.They have  some trees or plants that have been labelled with their botanical names in the Agumatsa Widlife Sanctuary.You need to cross nine wooden foot bridges(not the scary ones) built over nine meanders of the Agumatsa river with bubbling streams flowing underneath them. The entire environment around the fall is filled with water droplets making the entire atmosphere moist, cool and refreshing.It’s a tiring mountain-climbing exercise In order to reach the upper course of the waterfall which lasts for one and half to two hours unlike the lower part which involves either trekking or walking for approximately 40-45 minutes.THINGS TO NOTEIt’s essential  you carry along a bottle of water …..You are provided a tour guide who takes you around and enlightens you about the Waterfall by giving you a detailed history about it.Although the waterfall is spelt Wli , Its pronounced ‘Vlee’ in Ewe dialect.Even though the pool is just about 1.20 meters deep , it has a portion which has been restricted for swimming due to how deep it is .Please be cautious around that place.You can carry your swimwear or anything comfy along (that’s if you can swim) because you might get all soaked up in the water.Some of the roads leading to the tour sites are a bit rough and dusty its good to go prepared with the right clothing , vehicle and mindset.It is really hectic getting any means of transportation from Gbledi to Wli Waterfall on Sundays .You might just have to settle for a motorbike which can be quite an experience. The fares are usually a bit on the high too.The view of the Waterfall is most impressive from April to October where you actually aren’t only going to see the spectacular view of the waterfall but the sound of the water splashing and thundering down the mountain into the stream.(beautiful scene)You have to cross nine wooden foot bridges that have been built over the nine meanders of the AGUMATSA RIVER on which the fall is located.
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Most Visited Tourist destinations In Ghana

Have you ever wondered which tourist destinations in Ghana receives  most visitors?Well, according to the DIhGh(YOREs),2019 these are 10 most visited tourist destinations in Ghana 1. Cape Coast Castle(leading with 25%)The Cape Coast castle was formerly called ‘Cabo Corso,’ meaning ‘short cape’, by the Portuguese .The name, ‘Cabo Corso’ has been corrupted to Cape Coast which is now the accepted name of the Central Region of Ghana.The Cape Coast Castle served as the West African Headquarters of the President of the commuter of Merchants ,the British governor and a school to the children of our colonial mastersThe castle  was one of around 40 “slave castles” that served as prisons and exit  points for slaves en route to the Americas (the Caribbean, South America, and the U.S.). Thousands of enslaved Africans from other African countries were taken to these castles to be sold to slave ships.The castle is currently being used as a historical museum with a Ghanaian arts and crafts gift shop, and it is the regional headquarters of Ghana Museum and Monuments board 2.Kwame Nkrumah Museum(14%)It’s also known as the Kwame Nkrumah Memorial park and it’s dedicated to Dr. Kwame Nkrumah, the first president of the Republic of Ghana.The Museum serves as the last resting place for Osagyefo Dr.Kwame Nkrumah and it houses some of his personal rare  effects and publications which are still on display at the Museum. 3.Elmina Castle(13%)Elmina castle was established as a trade settlement but with time became one of the most important stops en route the Atlantic slave trade.The  castle was erected by the Portuguese in the year 1842 and was originally completed in 1486. They named it was Castelo de São Jorge da Mina (St. George of the Mine Castle),The slave trade continued under the Dutch until 1814. In 1872, the Dutch Gold Coast, including the fort, became a possession of Great Britain.The castle was later seized by the Dutch in 1637.Elmina attained its highest status under the when it was under the Dutch 4.Kakum National Park (10%)The  Kakum National Park is a wildlife reserve located in the Central Region of Ghana which is approximately  1 and half hour from the Greater Accra RegionThe Kakum National Park and Canopy Walkway offers visitors spectacular scenery and a fascinating wildlife experience along with modern camping facilities. The park’s best-known feature is undoubtedly its 7 suspension bridges which form a 333-meter long canopy walkway, suspended up to 27 meters above the forest floor from trees that are over 300 years old it’s also a great place for birdwatching and hiking.If you’re looking to face your face whilst exploring Ghana then ,Kakum National Park definitely has to be on your bucket list . 5.The Black Star Square (9%)Black Star Square ,also known as the independence square is a public square located at the heart of Accra.The square was commissioned in 1961 by the late Prime Minister ,Dr.Kwame Nkrumah to honor the visit of Queen Elisabeth.The square serves as site for Ghana's independence day parade which falls on the 6th of March each year as well as a venue for all major national public gatherings and festivals. 6.Arts Center (7%)Also known as the (Centre for National Culture)is situated right next to the Kwame Nkrumah Memorial parkIf you’re looking to buy some gifts such as  African fabrics , gifts, artifacts ,woven kente ,beads ,wooden sculptures  your friends in the diaspora this is your the best place for that .They also have an art gallery where you can buy your paintings at reasonable prices .There’s quiet a number of stalls .The only problem is once you get to the entrance hawkers try to get you to buy their items ,this action doesn’t quiet go down with every one so please take note .7.W.E.B Dubois Center(6%)It serves as a home, library and final resting place of American-born crusader for social justice, William Edward Burghardt DuBois until his demise in 1963 it’s really a great place to visit in Ghana . 8.Labadi Beach (6%)Labadi beach formerly called the La pleasure beach is one of of the most visited and busiest beaches in Ghana especially during the weekendsThere are dozens of bars, street foods ,night time parties and clubs at the beach please don’t forget you are required to pay an entrance fee at the entrance 9.Affrochella(5%)Afrochella is an  annual Celebration Of Africa’s Diverse Culture And The Vibrant Work Of African Creatives & Entrepreneurs.It’s a one day celebration. It usually takes place in December. 10.Aburi Botanical Gardens(5%)The Aburi Botanical garden was established in 1890 by Governor William Bradford Griffith in 1890The main purpose for building it was to help in preserving all kinds of trees  (to read full history on the Aburi gardens kindly visit our blog)
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