Aburi Botanical Gardens

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The Aburi Botanical garden was established in 1890 by Governor William Bradford Griffith. The main purpose for building it was to help in preserving all kinds of trees  

Prior to establishment of  the garden the site was used as a sanatorium for  convalescing Government officials in 1875

In 1899, during the Governorship of His Excellency Sir W. Brandford-Griffith K.G.M.G., a few hectares of land was cleared in the vicinity of the sanatorium to begin the Botanic Deparment.

The clearing was done under the supervision of a German serving the Basel Mission. In 1890 ,Mr. William Crowther, a student from the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew arrived in the Gold Coast(now Ghana) as the first curator of the botanic garden.

The gardens played an important role in encouraging cocoa production in South Ghana, by supplying cheap cocoa seedlings and information about scientific farming methods.

The garden covers 160acres, (huge right)yet only 30acres is in use. The place consists of various variety of plants for both medicinal or beautification.

It’s a great place for taking awesome pictures,networking,learning about different kinds of plants,the view from Aburi is quite spectacular

  • Some other attractions at the Aburi Botanical Gardens:
  • The Bush House,
  • The Rock Garden,
  • The Pergola or Lovers lane,
  • The Ficus tree,
  • The retired helicopter
  • School of horticulture.





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