Fort William (Highest Transporter of Slaves in Ghana)

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Fort William, situated in Anomabo is known for providing the highest number of slaves than any other forts and castles in Ghana.

Approximately 208,000 African slaves were transported along the coast to the new plantation world during the colonial era.

Many slaves were transported through Anomabo because it was a trans-Atlantic slave stoppage point for slave business during that era.

The fort was mainly built for the slave business .Unlike other forts and castles that were established for business/other purposes. The colonial masters did not even need to disguise their intention by building a church for the slaves to pray because at the end of the day the slaves were to be sold off.

During the colonial era, a lot of merchandise could be found in Anomabo because it was a slave centered area and many colonial mastered lived there.

Men were sold at the price of 5 English pounds ,women at 3 English pounds whilst children were being bartered off in exchange of guns, schnapps, gun powder, clothes, ammunition’s.

The uniqueness of this fort is that, it still possesses the original platform slaves stood during their auctioning.

Fort William is definitely a must visit in Ghana due to its historical background of slave trade in Ghana.


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