History On Fort William (Anomabo)

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Fort William, located in Anomabo, a serene calm and collected area close to the Central Region of Region with the inhabitants mostly fisherfolks.

Fort Williams is one of the most prominent tourist attractions you should visit when you’re in anomabo due to historic background of the fort .

The fort was built by the English purposely for slave business .Unlike other forts and Castles where  the intention was for other business purposes, This fort was purposely built for slave business.

The Anomabo township was a trans-Atlantic slave stoppage point for slave business, hence making this fort one of the highest transporting enslaves Africans along the coast with about millions of slaves being transported to the new plantation world.

Because Anomabo was influential or dominated to slave business and it was a Trans Atlantic stoppage point, they had the Dutch, the English and French colonial masters around the township.

A lot of merchandise could be found here during the colonial era because it was a slave centered area and most colonial mastered lived around .

Most forts and Castles have churches where slaves could pray to God but unfortunately that wasn’t the case in Fort Williams .This is how inhumane our forefathers were treated and sold out into slavery.


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