How Boti falls was discovered

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One of the most visited tourist destinations in Ghana is the Boti waterfalls situated  in the Eastern Region of Ghana.

This tourist destination gained its popularity after the Dr kwame Nkrumah visited that

Origin of the name Boti

Have you ever wondered the meaning of the name Boti or why this beautiful waterfall was named Boti?

Well, this write up is not just going to reveal to us the reason behind the name Boti. It is also going to give an in depth analysis of how the waterfall was discovered.

Boti Falls is an expression in the Akan Language, Twi, meaning: "Ԑboͻ No Ti" to wit, "the head of the stone."

The Falls was discovered by a cocoa farmer named Nene Tetteh Moah in the year 1906 whilst he was returning from the farm

Mr. Tetteh was excited about his discovery.  Upon returning home, he met a Roman Catholic Priest who was a foreigner. The priest asked him why he seemed so elated  

.The cocoa farmer narrated his discovery to the priest and afterwards sent him to the Falls to have a look at it.

The Catholic Priest out of curiosity and excitement asked the cocoa farmer the source of the water as he was fascinated by it. Unfortunately, due to language barrier that stemmed from lack of education during that era, Nene Tetteh Moah could not express him self to the Priest in the Queen’s Language hence mumbling an answer in Twi that “Ԑfiri boͻ no ti” meaning “the water gushed out from the ‘head’ of the river.”

The Priest thrown into a state of confusion but poised to repeat Mr. Moah’s words ended corrupting such words into Boti. And, that was how the name "Boti" came into being.

So the next time you hear Boti, just know that it is supposed to mean the head of the stone

Source Of the waterfall

The main source of the waterfall is from a town called Ahinkwa situated 25 miles from the Falls. Before the water gets to the Boti Waterfalls, it crosses through 45 communities; serving as their main source of water for washing, cooking and drinking.

The river further joins River Pompom which is the water at the falls.

Three (3) kilometers from River Pompom, you have Aka Falls which is another waterfalls.

The water from the Akaa Falls flows to Akosombo further joining the Lake Volta.

Myth has it that the waterfall on the right hand is the male whilst the one on the left hand is the female hence anytime they mate a rainbow is formed. Well, you probably need to visit it to see it for yourself .Boti definitely needs to be a part of your bucket list


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