Five Unkown waterfalls in Ghana

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Don't we just love chasing waterfalls in Ghana ?

Right from the sound of the water hitting hard on the rocks ,the surging and cascading of the waterfalls at the bottom of the rocks ,the calm and serene environment around the waterfalls, the mesmerizing feel of the water on your body makes it a perfect spot for relaxation and swimming .

We have put together a list of some scenic and spectacular waterfalls in Ghana you probably haven't heard of but you know what? They deserve to be on your bucket-list itinerary when you're planning a trip in Ghana.

Five unknown waterfalls in Ghana

1. Aflagbo Waterfalls

Situated in Southern Volta specifically in Leklebi-Agbesia is this hidden gem.

History has it that the source of this fascinating waterfalls is a pre -historic village called Blemado. It’s been said that the inhabitants in the village were a special breed of human species because they had tails.

Aflagbo waterfall has such a breath taking view I bet you will fall in love with the place once you set your eyes upon its beauty. It’s indeed a sight to behold. You need to hike about an hour through caves before getting to the waterfalls.

2. Ote Waterfalls

It's sits magnificently in the town of Amedzofe the highest settlement in Ghana with a population of about 3,000 inhabitants .The hike to this waterfall is definitely not for the faint at heart. Its approximately 45 minutes’ hike from Mount Gemi and the drive through the zigzag road on the high Mountain and valleys with such great heights only doubles the excitement on this trip.

You know what makes the tour to this waterfalls exciting is the beautiful scenery, trails and , butterflies. Some people were privileged enough to see chameleons and other wonderful harmless species during their hike. The fall looks different depending on the season. It looks greener and fuller during the rainy season.

Currently there is a canopy walkway being constructed on the waterfall to add a new experience to it. (I cant wait for that experience!)

The best time to visit the waterfall is from May to August. (rainy season)

3. Asenema Waterfalls

The Eastern Region of Ghana has some of the nation’s most known tourist destinations such as Boti falls but guess what?

There are still some waterfalls in this region which are either overlooked/unknown such as the Asenema waterfalls.

It's located in the Akuapem hills in a small town which is approximately 30 minutes from Koforidua. It’s about 15 minutes’ drive from our famous Botifalls.

I hope you are adding all these great locations to your bucket-list.

4. Butuase Waterfall

Butuase Waterfall is one of the oldest waterfalls in Ghana with a height of about 60ft.It can be found in Kwahu Tafo (Eastern Region of Ghana) on the Kotoso road.

The best time to visit this waterfall is during the rainy season. During this period the water splashes down heavily into pools which makes it fun to swim in.

The uniqueness of this waterfall is the umbrella carved rock shape view you see when you are swimming in the waterfall

5. Kulugu Waterfalls

kulugu waterfalls is located in the Volta Region of Ghana in Biakpe .

Once you get to Biakpe, you can get a tour guide from the mountain paradise hotel or just ask the people in the community for the directions to the place

Unlike other waterfalls in Ghana where you just need to hike down that place, unfortunately in the case of Kulugu waterfall-it involves hiking and rock climbing (that right).

Its definitely not an easy task but if you love adventure you should definitely add Kulugu to your bucket list of places to visit in Ghana


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    Bibs - 26th Apr 2021

    Great discoveries! Treasures to be haunted one at a time! Awesome piece out here. #SabaryTours

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    Great article, didn't know about these places. 😃👍🏾

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    Sulley - 25th Apr 2021

    Thanks For the Update ..Pray and hope I Can Join You Guys Tour This Wonderful Sites

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    Margie Attipoe - 25th Apr 2021

    Thanks for the information. The Other and Volta regions have plenty waterfalls.

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    Rufina Awuni - 24th Apr 2021

    So lovely.... Thanks for the update

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    When are we visiting the next one😆😆

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    Great Article very insightful

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    I wish we could visit all this sites 3 months intervals

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    Interesting..thanks for the update

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    Alhaji Baturey - 23rd Apr 2021

    Dear Sabary Tours, please which of the falls are you organising this coming rainy season. I just love Sabary Tours so much. You really made me viewed exstacy

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