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Seeking  thrills and adrenaline pumping experiences? Let's explore these 10(ten) amazing fun packed activities right here in Ghana that’s  worth your money,time and effort. Be sure to try  these activities and you would be coming back for more... 


Unlike our  beautiful memorable Ghanaian games and activities like ‘alikoto’, ‘oware’, ‘chaskele’ and our most loved game,  football, paintball brings a new twist to games in Ghana.Paintball is among the  first of its kind to be introduced to people of different  gender, ages, backgrounds and  lifestyles. 

This competitive  outdoor or sometimes indoor  sport  gives teams, friends, and family the  excitement of playing together  in a game where opponents hit each other (fire!!!) with paint dye or  rubber shot balls. The team that makes the most hits to its opponent wins the game!How cool can that get, you just aim, shoot and win!

In Ghana, this exciting game usually takes place in an outdoor setting where you get to indulge with  nature while having fun . For a constant weekend experience with the Adventoure Groupe  visit the Efua Sutherland Park opposite the National Theatre of Ghana. Well….if you are anyday adventurous  junkie like  me, you  may  want to visit the Alpha Paintball Gh, Battlefield Paint Ghana, Doom Paintball or the War Games Paintball Accra for your everyday experience. 

The Olympus wall climb

 Do you have the urge to always be  at the  top and to see the world from a bird’s view?


I have found the best activity for you...! Stamina- check!, fitness- check!  and definitely skills-check! are needed to complete this fun-filled climb.

The race is certainly not for the swift, you just have to make that move . Step- by- Step with  a harness strapped on you, you are left with your faith  to aim for the top of the wall. The winner is declared as the first to  get to the top of the wall  . The best reward of this activity is the ‘view from the top’ that you could never trade for anything . To experience Olympus wall climbing  in Ghana, visit Mabbina Park  in Akosombo for an unforgettable experience . Can't wait to see you at the top!  


Do you remember the nursery rhyme ‘Roll, roll, roll your boat…? Guess what? You get the chance to relive your childhood again but this time around you physically get to act upon the words of the rhyme.This  fun activity involves moving through water in a small water vessel with the aid of a double-bladed paddle. 

For that memorable  kayaking experience ,here  are some top spots in Ghana:Akosombo- Where you can paddle across the Volta Lake , Ada- You get to move across the estuary as well as visit the crocodile Island all in one and finally explore paddling in the Lake Bosomtwe in the Ashanti Region and Keta in the Volta Region.

Abseiling the Adomi Bridge

Are you ready for  a nerve wracking experience? This activity is worth every bit of your precious time and  should certainly make it on your bucket list. The Adomi  Bridge is the first permanent bridge built across the Volta River at Atimpoku in Ghana with a beautiful arc-like striking look.

Over the years, users of the bridge have found exciting ways to use the bridge for adventure. Adventure junkies abseil off the iconic Adomi Bridge at an intense 25-metre drop to a boat underneath the suspension bridge.Oooohhhh, that’s scary , yet fun to experience. Try it and you will thank  me later. This activity  is currently organised by the Trident / Brave Hearts  group in Akosombo.

Quad Biking

Do you have a large family or have friends that are up for a life changing  experience? Quad Biking is  definitely worth the hype and money. Take a moment to imagine riding  up the Aburi  mountain, maneuvering the potholes and  mud on the long road  in the middle of nowhere, just to finally  arrive at  a spectacular  waterfall.Exciting right?

Perfect locations  for this amazing experience are the Atv Aburi and the St George's height (Doboro), all in Aburi. Take note that,  St George's Height provides you with an  indoor while Atv Aburi  gives you full outdoor  experience  

Go -Karting

Can you be a perfect driver and still be  horrible at Go -Karting…your guess is as good as mine. Go- Kartings gives  your  widest driving experience with speed, fun, adrenaline and competition. 

It gives you the platform to show the world what you have got! It's always fun when you tag along your friends to experience a fast, fun filled competition.  Here  are our top places to Go-Karting: A1 Raceway Go Karting in Tema, ,Deon Recreational Centre in Lashibi and House Party Go-Karts in Kokrobite.


Tried out  the unconventional ways of paddling across the ocean?  Seems quite an experience, I bet it is!  Here is the good news , you  don't need to break the bank for this experience . It's a cool chop! 

Great spots for canoeing in Ghana  include Nzulezu in Takoradi (Nzulezu),Kwahu, Ada ,Lake Bosomtwe(Ashanti Region),Keta 


Are you an Aquaphilia? Do you love to surf?  You may want to  listen up for this one. Yes!!! surfing  in Ghana!. Kokrobite is home to various beaches, just by taking an approximately 45 minutes drive from Accra  and Takoradi  you arrive at your ideal  spot to surf . 

Locations to look out for include :Muuston Beach  off Kokrobite ,Tills Beach at Gomoa Fetteh , Cape Three Points, Dixcove Point,The laughing goat at Busua Beach and ,Ahanta waves Mr brights surf school in Busua.


If you haven't had that zipline experience yet you are definitely  missing out. The good thing for you is that it's better late than never. There are great places  in Ghana where you can sign up for this memorable experience. Legon Botanical Gardens, Zipline Omenako in Omenako ,Bunso Eco park in Arboretum and Air Jay's canopy Zipline(currently closed due to Covid-19).


Thought of being a sailor when you were a child. Yes,you can!  Become a sailor right here in Ghana by joining the Ghana Sailing club situated in Ada Foah for the thrilling experience.All the best to our upcoming Captains! See you on the other side!


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