Adom Waterfalls

25th Jan 2021 1.8K 1

The Adom waterfalls is situated two communities away from Aburi botanical Gardens .The name of the community is Abomase

It’s believed that the Adom waterfall is the main source of water  to the Tsenku waterfall.

Prior to your arrival to the main waterfall you need to hike about 20 minutes to the entrance where you will be met by a tour guide who takes you on the tour

The Adom waterfall is in two parts , the upper and the lower part.Both places are safe for swimming.

The people in the community have been able to build a canopy walkway (yet to be completed) I think that adds another whole experience aside hiking and swimming at the Adom waterfall


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    Kwesi - 22nd Apr 2021

    Worth seeing I guess then. I need to add that to my bucket list of places to visit in Ghana

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