Some facts you need to know about Wli waterfall

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Wli waterfalls is the highest waterfall in West Africa.It’s situated in the Volta Region of Ghana specifically the Hohoe Municipality. The local name for this waterfall is “Agumatsa” meaning Allow me to flow.

The distance from the waterfall is approximately 280 kilometers from Greater Accra and 20 kilometers from the Hohoe township .

Wli waterfall comprises of a lower and upper plunge measuring 143 meters from the upper to the lower plunge.

The lower part is known as the “fall proper” while the upper section is called “upper course”

Before getting to the lower section of the waterfall, You need to hike for about 40 minutes(depending on how quick the individual is)through an indigenous forest shaded by tall trees on both sides of the path.

This forest is called the “Agumatsa wildlife sanctuary” where you actually get to see some beautiful animals such as baboons, monkeys, butterflies, and a colony of bats clinging to the cliffs of the mountain and flying off into the clear skies.

They have some trees or plants that have been labelled with their botanical names in the Agumatsa Widlife Sanctuary.

You need to cross nine wooden foot bridges(not the scary ones) built over nine meanders of the Agumatsa river with bubbling streams flowing underneath them. The entire environment around the fall is filled with water droplets

making the entire atmosphere moist, cool and refreshing.

It’s a tiring mountain-climbing exercise In order to reach the upper course of the waterfall which lasts for one and half to two hours unlike the lower part which involves either trekking or walking for approximately 40-45 minutes.

-  It’s essential you carry along a bottle of water ….

-  You are provided a tour guide who takes you around and enlightens you about the Waterfall by giving you a detailed history about it.

-  Although the waterfall is spelt Wli , Its pronounced ‘Vlee’ in Ewe dialect.

-  Even though the pool is just about 1.20 meters deep , it has a portion which has been restricted for swimming due to how deep it is .Please be cautious around that place.

-  You can carry your swimwear or anything comfy along (that’s if you can swim) because you might get all soaked up in the water.

-  Some of the roads leading to the tour sites are a bit rough and dusty its good to go prepared with the right clothing , vehicle and mindset.

-  It is really hectic getting any means of transportation from Gbledi to Wli Waterfall on Sundays .You might just have to settle for a motorbike which can be quite an experience. The fares are usually a bit on the high too.

-  The view of the Waterfall is most impressive from April to October where you actually aren’t only going to see the spectacular view of the waterfall but the sound of the water splashing and thundering down the mountain into the stream.(beautiful scene)

-  You have to cross nine wooden foot bridges that have been built over the nine meanders of the AGUMATSA RIVER on which the fall is located.


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