The Year Of Return Monument

9th Feb 2021 665 0

They year of return monument was unveiled by the Former Minister for Tourism, Hon.Barbara Oteng Gaisie in Anomabo.

The monument was built  in commemoration  of the return of Africans from the diaspora after 400years to their Motherland.

Our fathers were sold  into slavery from African countries like Gambia, Mozambique, Sierra Leone, Senegal,Gold Coast to Jamestown, Virginia.

The statues depicts how Africans  are returning from the diaspora to their motherland Africa .

This the reason for the statue with their back facing the fort and the sea whilst they march ahead with their families and luggage’s signifying their return to Ghana from Europe.


The platform these  statues are built upon is made up of the Ghana Map which was designed by Mr Ekem Ferguson representing our Motherland,Ghana.


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