This is the perfect package for team bonding, family, and friends hangout . This package comes with lots of adventure, fun games, and activities.
Some of the activities are:

In this game balloons are placed between participants. Participants are to ensure that the balloons do not fall on the ground or burst while they move about toward the goal.
The main objective of this game is to explore people\'s sensitivity and how well they work together as a team.

The Olympus Wall
This activity requires one to step on the fixed stones on the wall and climb up to the highest point. The stones on the wall are of different sizes and shapes making it quite challenging to maneuver.

The Titan Course
The Titan Course just like its name suggests, is a course with various obstacles like loops and many other impediments that would require you to move in ways you don’t often do.

The Rump
The Rump is a 26-foot-high water slide recorded as the tallest water slide in Ghana. The rump features a ladder, a slide, and a shallow pool where people who slide down the Rump enter into.

Dizzy Penalty
Participants are required to successfully take a penalty kick when feeling dizzy. The participant runs around a pole 10 times right after which he or she has to play a football and score. This teaches the participant to learn the difficult art of focusing on whatever goal they are to achieve even during dizzying or tumultuous times.

Archery is an age-old practice of using a bow to shoot arrows to hit a desired target. Historically, archery has been used for hunting and also in combat.

The package Includes:

Olympus Wall climbing

Archery Obstacle course


Swimming and fun activities


Photo Gallery

Special Features



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