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Book tour packages and enjoy your holidays with distinctive experience.

Group Trips

Do you love to travel with your family , buddies or your squad ? If your answer is “yes”, we have the perfect package for you. Our group package is designed to suit your travel desires in an unforgettable way. Our tailor-made group package will serve you that bonding time you soo desire with family and friends. Solo travels are not left out on this package, you are welcome to join our trips to meet like minded solo travelers like you.Who knows !!! You might just make a travel buddy for your next trip!


We have exclusive deals/offers from hotels ranging from Accommodation and exclusive offers on staycation and honeymoon packages

Private Tours

We have exclusive tours packages ranging from Adventure, hiking ,weekend getaways ,Day retreats ,fun and historical tours . This package is personalized for individuals who love to explore Ghana individually and not within a group. The price is usually high because it’s personalized for individuals or few people.


We have a variety of Spa pacakges from various Hotels, resorts ,spa centers in Ghana.Everyone gets to select a package that suits their budget


We have a variety of dinner packages from a wide range of hotels and resorts in Ghana

Personal Package