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This tour includes a day tour of the Tsenku Waterfalls coupled with a Go-Karting experience at Tema.

With this tour you derive three memorable experiences.


Hiking, swimming at the waterfall and then lastly Go -Karting .

The Tsenku  waterfalls is a scenic waterfall you would love to explore.It's located on the Dodowa road which is approximately 1hour and 30 minutes  drive from Accra.The drive from the Tsenku Waterfalls for the Go-kart is also approximately 1hour 30 minutes.

The Tsenku Waterfalls unlike the Adom Waterfalls is much smaller and the hike is about 15 minutes to the Tsenku Waterfalls.Although they have a strenuous hike which is about a 50 minutes hike and very tedious (if you would love this instead kindly let us know ahead so we make reservations for that ).The hike is to the upper part of the waterfall which is much more hectic .

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The Package Includes


•Tour fees 



Photo Gallery


Day Itinerary

  • 8:00AM

    Departure from Accra Mall

  • 9:40AM

    Arival to the Tseku Waterfalls

  • 9:50AM

    History of Tsenku Falls / Hiike Begins

  • 10:30AM

    Arrival to the Waterfall

  • 10:30AM

    Activities (swimming ,football, and other games)

  • 12:00PM


  • 1:00PM

    Departure from Tsenku Falls to A1 Go Kart

  • 2:30PM

    Arrival at the A1 Go-Kart Racing

  • 5:00PM

    Back to Accra Mall


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